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hope in The Lord

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If you know hope, you will know peace. But on the other hand if you have no hope, you will have no peace! The enemy will present you with a false sense of peace, but it's false because he can't offer you hope! I don't want an imitation of peace, I want real peace! That peace that surpasses mans understanding! No need to fear the enemy he has no power over God! God made the enemy but HE also made his home under our feet!
Let go of those weights of hopelessness and let God in your heart so HE can help you. He is not going to force his way in, nor will HE dwell where HE is not welcome.
Welcome Jesus in so you can experience HIS hope.

Get an attitude of gratitude and become contagious, let your light shine. Let it shine through our gifts. He has gifted all of us to do something that will win souls and bring him glory. We have to be willing to be stretched out of what is familiar to us and stretched into a position more befitting to Gods' will and purpose. Then and only then can we experience TRUE PEACE, that is in God through HOPE in Jesus.

Some may disagree but there is NO OTHER WAY!!!!! Let your attitude towards your marriage mirror Gods in a state of HOPEFUL PEACE! 
{ May the peace of God which surpasses all understanding, rest upon you and I as we push forward past our past and every situation that would attempt to hold us back from being the awesome men God meant us to be for HIS USE! In Jesus name I pray, Amen.}


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