Mbarara, UG
Kingdom Secondary School

Kingdom secondary school  a private secondary schools in Makenke Mbarara. It is located in Kakiika subcountry, Kashari Constituency Mbarara district, in south western Uganda. It is a fully fledged mixed O  Level secondary school. It has an enrolment of 200 students (68 boys and 142girls). It has 16 members of the teaching staff and 5 members of the support staff. The mission of the school is: Supporting the needy and Vulnerable students with  access quality education guided by spiritual counsel .

This school was started with a greater need to help the students From Gumanayesu Children’s centre Who have gone through elementary school and have had a challenge to further their education due to lack of school dues , may children had resorted to dubious ways of getting money other ending up on streets , girls taken up as house maids to be able to earn a living because in Uganda an elementary education cannot earn someone a professional or decent job. I t was due to these challenges that Pr Naboth Tumuhairwe decided to raise his faith once again support these children through secondary Education through Kingdom secondary school . This school was started in 2011 with about 20 students and two teachers , it has grown to 200 students and 21 committed staff .

success 2013

Our students sat for their Uganda Certificate of Education Exams in OctoberNovember 2013  and passed very well , each student was able to have a Uganda Certificate of Education with flying colors !!!   This year 2014 we are expecting more and more success stories with our current Senior Four Students .   At kingdom we take success a priority adn we belive nothing is impossible before God ! as our MOTTO says With God Everything is Possible

Challenges and Needs
There is need for accommodation facilities for the learners.  dormitories for the increasing number as well as reducing congestion in the dormitories. Unlike only one block, all the other dormitories for boys are improvised. There is a great need for boys’ dormitories. Metallic beds are also needed to replace the old wooden ones.

The school needs science laboratory structures , Considering even the fact that computer studies are now part of the curriculum the school . There is a need for computers and a computer laboratory. There is need for a electricty installation in the school .

The school has recently been able to have acces to clean water with the provision of a over 3000 litre capacity cistern tank with clean running tapped water , this has been an amazing blessing from the ministry friends IN East OLYMPIA.

More structures need to be constructed for chapel, classrooms, administration block, main hall and dining hall.

Meager salaries for the staff are also a great challenge. There is need for better remuneration to keep the staff motivated and committed in doing their work. At times, good teachers leave the schools to better paying schools.

The school also needs a school truck for the children to help in transport to seminars and study trips.