Mbarara, UG
Adullam Vocational Training Center
Adullam Vocational Training Center

Adullam Vocational Training Centre was established by Guma Na Yesu Foundation on February 05, 2018. It was founded  with the mandate of Capacity building of Orphans and needy children and youth  (10-25) years. Working to reduce and eradicate human suffering by responding to Physical and Emotional needs of youths.

Adullam Vocational Training Centre – Campus in Rwebishuri
Adullam Vocational Training Centre – Campus in Rwebishuri

Adullam Vocational Training Centre is one of the organizations established to address psychosocial and economic problems among young people in Mbarara and surrounding districts. It is currently implementing its activities in Rwebishuri Village Mbarara District.  

Through trainings, young people are taught different skills in Carpentry, reading and writing music, Paper bag making, Environment management, Sewing and Tailoring, Knitting, Brick-laying concrete and Practice, Leather Tanning, Hand Craft training ,promoting technologies through Computer training, Plumbing, Mechanics and Party Decoration among others.


After their training, they are expected to be able to produce good quality products leading to increase in Gross Domestic product and profitability. Secondly are able to effectively work in their village settings able to creating jobs among themselves.


Lack of Vocational training services has the devastating potential to create a severe of economic impacts. Young people have straggled with life and they need a hand that can support them through vocational training that can equip them with constructive Knowledge and reliable Skills.

It is noticed that 60% of youths in their productive years, lack direction which has contributed greatly in affecting the development and economic out-put of the country. In Uganda, youths contribute 50% to the economy of the country.

Uganda remains one of the poorest countries in the world. The average daily income hovers below one dollar a day.  Over70% of the populations in the Uganda is living below the poverty line.

 A large proportion of young people in Uganda have received little or no formal schooling. Most of them are unemployed. They are being denied even the most basic, most practical vocational education and their chances of ever finding a paid job are very slim indeed.

Much as Guma Na Yesu has empowered young people with formal education, little progress has been done since children have lacked enough expertise to create their own jobs and hence a need for skilling element and accessing young people with practical vocational trainings and thus to the job market.

In Uganda, the projects take place not close to the rightful locations/people. This means that over 45% of youths are forced to leave their social and cultural environment, which thus makes training and education even more difficult. 

In the countryside, there is a heavy emphasis on various programs for the adults than youth manual vocations. The skills are being taught to meet country’s demands.

Sewing Class at Adullam Vocational Training Centre
Sewing Class at Adullam Vocational Training Centre

The project is particularly keen to foster communities in which no training and educational opportunities have previously existed. The goal is to motivate to make up to 30% of the participants mainly girls, by the end of 2019, over 200 youths will be working either independently, as self-employed operators, or in newly created jobs. 

A number of initiatives have been created by Guma Na Yesu foundationto support and provide services to the community. These include a wide range of Skills including farming, horticulture and craft making. All these groups are important but mainly with lots of gaps. These women had taken the initiative, regardless of the physical cost, to seek to earn a living to feed and cloth their children. This means that young people are left with-out any developmental plan especially OVC, Youth with Disabilities and Girl youth.

Uganda needs Agencies like which will take part in setting up internal structures and governance. This is being done by reviewing the Board, and legal status of organization that would render youth friendly services. Young people in Africa need Self Sustainable development Programs and this will contribute to 60% of their living.

Adullam Vocational Training Centre  will work together with local communities and other agencies that have the same interest  to implement the sustainable development goals within the communities which include no poverty and zero hunger, quality education, promoting Gender equality clean water and sanitation, Industry innovation and infrastructure among others . 


To contribute to the improvement of young people’s lives through school and community based Education in response to sustainable skills.

  2. Overall Objective: To empower both in and out of school youths with Vocational Skills and keeping them out of current dangers (HIV/AIDS, Early pregnancy), Breaking the York of vulnerability and having good working conducive environment to enable them obtain a successfully/desirable life so as to eradicate poverty in Uganda.

Project Objectives

  1. To reduce vulnerability and dependency among the young people by 20% in rural community of our project catchments.
  1. To mobilize and sensitize over 12,000 youths in Mbarara and nearby area.
  2. To advocate and mainstream vocational training skills with other trainings.
  3. To reduce the problem of unemployment by 10% of the youths.
  4. To provide 40% of Counseling and Guidance services to youths on psychosocial and economic issues.