Guma Na Yesu Radio Program

Naboth with Guma Na Yesu Raido program EVERY SUNDAY MORNING 
8:00AM TO 9:00 AM 

Guma Na Yesu Foundation shares the good news of Jesus Christ every Sunday on Local Radio Station. Its amazing how the Good news of Christ have reached masses and many lives have been touched and transformed . God has used Evangelist; Naboth Tumuhairwe with a NEW REVELATION every Sunday morning as he shares the message of Christ to Listeners . Many souls have been reached and many received Christ as their personal saviour .

This has raised our faith to buy more time over the radio and continue to share Christ even in the deepest unreached villages .

ONE HOUR ON RADIO costs us $150 for a month … we would like to expand this and sustain it all through … stand with us and contribute towards this great ministry and the lord will bless you .

prayers and financial support are highly needed for this ministry .