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On August 15th to 17, we had our second Term Mission Minded Youth Conference at Guma Na Yesu – Makenke Redeemed Church. Since the beginning of this year of the Lord, we have begun holding youth conferences every after three months. This means we hold these conferences three times every year. 

The Lord revealed to us the potential the youth have to take over this world for Jesus Christ and therefore we are here to empower them to do it. Every youth is called to do something in the fulfilment of God’s Great Commission and therefore it's our obligation as leaders to make sure we empower them and sharpen their talents to go and bare witnesses for Christ’ Gospel. 

Youth have also formed a youth organisation which brings them together for the Purpose of the fulfilment of God’s Great Commission. The Empowered Mission Minded Youth.

God created us to live with a single passion to joyfully display his supreme excellence in all the spheres of life. The wasted life is life without this passion.

Our passion is to fulfil God’s Great Commission; to go and make disciples of all Nations!

To reach out to the unreached to Rescue the homeless to restore the broken-hearted in season and out of season.

The organisation will bring together the youth in Mbarara, Uganda, Africa and beyond to fulfil the Great Commission. 

Do you love God and passionate about Missions? At EMMY “we empower youth for God’s Great Commission”.

Empowered Mission Minded Youth launches a monthly Outreach week; which is the 1st week of every month, 7days of ‘’changing lives’’ aimed at reaching out to the needy and vulnerable communities restoring to the needy children, vulnerable people in schools and communities respectively.

Outreach week Activities include:

■ Giving out sanitary pads to girls in schools

■ Hospital, Prison, School visits and Evangelism

■ Donating food, medicine, mattresses, clothes, school dues, home basic needs, shoes
■ Painting zebra crossing

■ Providing shelter to the needy old people

■ Community cleaning and Health Sensitisation

To be part of this life-changing experience every month, you must subscribe to us as a #EMMY_Ambassador.

HOW TO BECOME an E.M.M.Y AMBASSADOR Register with Empowered Mission Minded Youth as an E.M.M.Y Ambassador today by (Filling a Get involved form provided by E.M.M.Y team member) or sending your Names, email, phone contact, home town and place of work.

Write a short message why you think you qualify to be an E.M.M.Y ambassador, SEND these details to our EMAIL:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Your registrations shall then be confirmed by one of our team leaders who will get back to you within 24hours

All confirmed registrants shall be appointed as Empowered Mission Minded Youth – EMMY Ambassadors in their respective areas. And shall thus work in support of our Monthly Outreach week.


Are an important and valued ASSET of Empowered Mission Minded Youth and work to improve the lives of needy children and families, old and desperate young people in communities by promoting our work.

Our ambassadors are a network of volunteers, all over the world– organising fundraising activities, representing the charity in their local area and helping to engage people with the work of our Organisation.


■ Positively promoting E.M.M.Y through local and social media.
■ Inspiring family, friends, colleagues and your online networks to support the work of E.M.M.Y
■ Representing at events, Giving short talks on the missions and work of E.M.M.Y to a variety of community groups/clubs/fellowships

■ Setting up a fundraising group with friends, family or colleagues.
■ Getting people involved in our latest fundraising appeals and campaigns.
■ Promoting registrations to our local and overseas charity events ie Annual Camps, Teens day, etc.
■ Making introductions to your contacts who may support the charity.
■ Volunteering at our annual leadership & charity events
■ Have good connections in your local area and the self-confidence to reach out and arrange your own talks about E.M.M.Y and provide us with feedback.

This weekend as we join the rest of the world to commemorate the International Youth Day on 12th August 2018.

We realize that youth continue to lack space to fully express themselves without feeling uncomfortable or unwelcome.

Similarly, without the existence of safe space, youth from different race/ethnicity, gender, religious affiliation or cultural background may feel intimidated to freely contribute to the community.

When youth have safe spaces to engage, they can effectively contribute to development, including peace and social cohesion.

With are creating space for the youth by Empowering them to transform their communities.

#Be_Part_of_us_and_Discover_your_God_Given_potential_to_an_an_Agent_of_Change in your community for God’s Glory !

WhatsApp us to Join on 0774232648
Or email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We are committed to supporting our volunteers and offer the following:

■ an E.M.M.Y Ambassadors badge
■ an E.M.M.Y Ambassadors T-shirt

■ Everyday Prayer intercessions for our ambassadors & fellowships/gatherings every Thursday 7 pm at your respective places with your own formed team.

■ A monthly report and e-newsletter giving you ways to get others involved and co-ordinate.
■ Quarterly online meetings via Skype and the opportunity to meet other ambassadors.
■ Access to our ambassador Facebook page, a website where you can share stories, ideas and experiences.
■ Travel opportunities overseas and Recommendations.

■ Regular updates about the charity work and the difference you are making.

Becoming a Charity Ambassador is another way you can show support for Empowered Mission Minded Youth.

Our Organisation – E.M.M.Y – is always seeking to increase community awareness of our work with young people and the old. Ambassadors can answer questions about the work of E.M.M.Y and the constant need for funds, and they can suggest ways in which funds can be raised. And of course, they run a number of fundraising events themselves, e.g. dinners
/tea parties, the annual Fundraising youth Marathon day & Car wash activities. If you are interested in supporting E.M.M.Y and enjoy speaking to small (or large) groups or organising fundraising events, you may like to consider becoming an Ambassador.



Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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